So, How’s Homeschooling Going?

So, How's Homeschooling Going- (1)I get asked this question a lot. It’s not a bad question, just my friends wanting to know how things are going. We’ve been homeschooling a little over 6 months now and we are loving it. There is a huge learning curve that we are still riding, but we take it in stride and learn as we go. The biggest change I think is within myself. My whole perspective on education has been changing. I’ve started to associate the word “education” differently. Before homeschooling education brought to mind images of textbooks, 3-ring binders, rows of desks, thinking about what I have to memorize for the next test, and feelings of anxiety for my least favorite subjects. Now, I see education as an endless stream of knowledge with so many things to see, do, feel ,and learn.

Learning should be a positive experience with meaning to the learner. Otherwise, what’s the point? Algebra meant nothing to me while I was learning it, and still doesn’t. Tenth grade biology was awesome and has turned my interest to learn more about anatomy and how the human body works. (I’m no expert, I just find it fascinating ;))I even took a forensic science class in college, which was awesome!

For now, with a couple of 5 year olds, we just have fun. I try my best to make life interesting and fun like the fuzzy caterpillar we played with in the park for 10 minutes or the adorable animal videos a cousin of mine posts on his Facebook page. I believe the girls love homeschooling even though they don’t really understand it. The only experience they have in school was a positive one and they loved it. But, there’s no housekeeping area or pool time in kindergarten.  Right now, I see no reason to put my girls back in school. I don’t know if that will change in the future, but for now we are just loving life.

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