Our Homeschool Schedule- A Typical Day


From day one our typical homeschooling schedule has changed again and again. I was looking for that sweet spot where bedtime, wake up time, the order of our schedule, and weekly activities that don’t happen everyday come together in a pretty little bow.

Then reality hit.

I realized that everyday is going to have it’s own set of crazy so striving for “pretty little bow” perfection wasn’t going to cut it. The girls get sick, I get sick, a friend or family member is in need of help, an opportunity for us to participate in something awesome falls into our laps and our day is changed. I realized that changing my perception of a perfect day to a really nice flow through the day was more our style. Everyone is more relaxed, I’m not being a slave to the clock and when those opportunities arise, we take them, and pick back up where we left off.

This is only one way to schedule your days. We school 4 days a week, Tuesday through Friday, leaving Saturday for spontaneous learning, projects, and playdates. With homeschooling you can schedule it however you like and make changes as often as you need to. For me, it’s important to find a flow where no one, myself or the girls, gets burned out. The times are not exact, but the flow of the activities are pretty much how we get to them everyday.

Morning Lessons

6am I get up before everyone else and spend two hours alone in a quite house. I do some devotion, look over what we’re learning that day and get materials together if I need to. I start breakfast closer to when the girls are getting up.

8am The girls get up. I got them an alarm this year and they wake up on their own. I use a good morning board to help get their day started, an idea I can’t  take credit for. It has helped them become more independent and has taken me out of the equation. SCORE!

9am Call to worship and morning basket

930am To the schoolroom! We tackle all language arts lessons, spelling, handwriting, writing, grammar, and phonics. If we have an extra, like logic or music, then we do it during this time.

11am Time for a break and snack. Usually I put on Magic School Bus or Sid the Science Kid. sometimes they go outside or do some kids yoga.

1130am The girls read to me from their assigned books.

12pm Lunch and coffee (a must for me).

Afternoon Lessons

1pm On Thursdays we have horse riding lessons. Since the girls ride one at a time, I have them read aloud to me while waiting for a turn to be done. On other days we snuggle on the couch for our read aloud. This is a chapter book we have chosen together to read that month.

130pm Math time

2pm History or Science

3pm Art or Creative writing

330pm Structured learning is done for the day! Phew!

Since we school 4 days instead of 5 our days are a little longer. Our 5th school day is pretty relaxed. We often do art, creative writing, and nature study on this day at our leisure. Friday is a little different since we attend Co-op classes in the morning. We come home, take a half hour break and get through our lessons in 2 hours. So far, this is what is working for us and I’ll revisit it when we need to tweek it.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, here are my first grade curriculum choices for the year.

Take care!!



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