Apple Picking with Homeschooling on the Side

Apple Picking {with Homeschooling on the side}

My family is very blessed to be in upstate New York during the Summer and Fall. For the last couple of years we have taken the girls apple picking at our local orchard (there’s no shortage of orchards here). Our favorite stop is Beak & Skiff and our favorite apple is the Honeycrisp. If you have not had the pleasure of tasting a Honeycrisp apple off the tree you are missing out on one of God’s greatest gifts. This apple is AWESOME!!!! It’s no surprise to me that on day one of picking Honeycrisp the trees are nearly bare by 1pm. I’m not kidding.

I keep Beak and Skiffs Facebook posts pinned to the top of my feed so I know precisely when Honeycrisp is going to be available. The day we went I finished up school at 1030am and we headed to the orchard. When we arrived around 11am there were already people heading back to the car with their bags of treasure. We hopped on the wagon and headed out. And how glorious it was! The wagon ride to the trees is beautiful with hills and blue skies off in the distance. It was so pretty! And so different from Florida’s flat-ness (I still love you FL).



We picked 3 (yes, 3) full bags of Honeycrisp and gorged on a few ourselves, then we hurried back to the car with our treasures. I don’t know how many pounds we bought, but it was heavy 🙂 I was already thinking of the yummy goodness I was going to make with them when my husband called to let me know he was going to be coming by to pick as well. We decided to stick around and help him pick. In the meantime, we did some light schooling while eating cider doughnuts and drinking cider.

I found these apple orchard notebooking pages earlier in the summer and I knew we would use them for our nature study when we went picking. I also found this apple unit study, but didn’t use it. We read the story of Johnny Appleseed and then after lunch (I had a pulled pork taco with apple slaw…yummy) the girls drew an apple tree with all its parts and a Honeycrisp apple like the ones they saw that morning. When we got home the girls narrated to me all about their trip to the orchard and it went into their nature journal. Nature study you can see and taste!

After lunch we headed out to the orchard again and I was in complete shock. The same trees the girls and I visited just a couple of hours earlier were looking so bare! I’m telling you these apples are that good. They must also have the shortest season ever because they’re gone so quickly. I’m glad we got our fill in early because I don’t think they would’ve lasted until the weekend (we went in the middle of the week. Score for homeschooling!)

If you find yourself at an apple orchard in the near future, take along a clipboard, colored pencils and some blank paper and call it a school day.

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