About Me

Through a bunch of unpredictable events, my life is totally different from what I thought it would be. For a long time I did what others told me I should do, both society as a whole and other professionals in my life. Finally I just decided to shut everyone out and listen to what God wanted me to do.

I have dubbed this period of enlightenment my Quarter-Life Crisis. It’s very similar to a Mid-Life Crisis in that I have reflected on my life and not liked were it was going, but I’m not that old yet, so quarter life it is! I’ve been in this not-so-fun place for a few years now and I’ve finally started to make some sense of it. Changes didn’t start until I actually started doing something about it. Instead of trying to fit myself and my family into the conventional and traditional way of life, we’re going where we never thought we would. As my focus on what others deem as important and relevant fades I’m forced to look to God for answers and, so far, this process has been quite rewarding.

So here we are, my little family of four, my husband Juan, my twin daughters Sakura & Akira, and myself on this journey called life and making it as full of love and joy as we possibly can.